Ambleside's Waterfront Revitalization by Grosvenor!

(January 21, 2014 )

A plan to Revitalize Ambleside's waterfront!

Here is how Grosvenor proposes to make West Vancouverites happy and create a new vibrant community:

- Residents rejected high-rise forms of development – Therefore they are proposing a carefully terraced building, that will be two-stories at the sidewalk, stepping to six and seven stories at the centre.
- Residents asked for an outdoor “living room” for West Vancouver – one that preserves the human-scale qualities of Ambleside. The development will create a year-round public plaza with a mid-block galleria, generous sidewalks, public art and street-level storefronts.

-Residents want to keep Ambleside as a hub for festivals and events – The sidewalks of Bellevue Avenue and 14th Street will be widened and landscaped to make them more people friendly. The galleria will offer a direct pedestrian route from Marine Drive to Bellevue and open views to the waterfront.

-Residents want a revitalized village, with restaurants and stores – not a mall. The proposal features new commercial space fronting all of the streets on the site. These stores will be leased out to local serving shops, services, restaurants and cafes in a thoughtful manner that enhances existing business establishments and community life.

-Residents want a commitment to arts, culture and West Coast architectural tradition– To meet this request the development will include:

-----Two original canvases by West Vancouver artist Gordon Smith. They will be displayed in residential lobbies
-----A distinctive architectural design by James Cheng that embraces West Coast modernism, pioneered by B.C. Binning, Ron Thom and Mr. Cheng’s mentor, Arthur Erickson.

-Residents want a vibrant Ambleside, with more people living in the 1300 Block – The 1300 Marine development will add 98 new terraced residential homes. These units will appeal to West Vancouver residents who are downsizing and wishing to stay in — or move to — Ambleside.
-Residents wanted a sustainable Ambleside– sustainable in environmental, economic and social terms. The development will meet that goal through:

----Sustainable Leed Gold building design and underground parking stalls for electric vehicles.
----Improved commercial space that will revitalize Ambleside as a shopping district for pedestrians, reducing automobile use and revitalizing Ambleside’s historic retail core.
----Making Ambleside a gathering spot for West Vancouverites of all ages. Community life will be enhanced by enhancing the shopping district, building 98 new homes and embracing the waterfront, along with festivals, arts and culture.

This is an incredible development in West Vancouver. Once again, West Vancouver will get the vibrant community where downtowners and folks from all different regions in Vancouver will visit. Exciting news!